Here are some of the top trends we are likely to see this year:

Dynamic direct mail
Talk directly to consumers in your target market to get their attention. In the US, consumers spend an average of 118% more time considering direct mail than digital ads. Why? Direct mail can be tailored to your customers, targeting their specific wants and needs, and increasing the overall effectiveness. This trend is a great way for you to increase engagement with consumers while using a tested format.

Speciality printing
Give your clients an unforgettable tactile experience. As digital grows, it’s more important than ever that your print designs provide experiences with pieces that can’t be replicated on a screen. Foil stamping, embossing and spot varnish are tactile additions that create an extra dimension and leave a lasting impression.

Links in print
Merge your online presence with your print material. Include your contact links in printed marketing material, but be sure to include the ‘www’ and the ‘’ extensions, so customers can be sure about where you want them to go. Keep your links short, as readers won’t type in strings of text.

QR Codes
Offer alternative links to a QR code. Not everyone has a smart phone, has the QR code app or even knows what QR codes are. Unless you are targeting a market you know would be familiar with QR codes, it’s better to provide a shortened page URL in your printed marketing material. Apple recently incorporated a native QR reader into its phone app so, while there may be hope on the horizon for the tech, it’s not there yet.

Vintage design
Don’t be swayed by design trends. Vintage design has its own time and place. While you may want to adopt a vintage design style because you’ve identified it as a trend, consider carefully. Rather stay true to your brand and you can still make an impression – without the neat crest typography and sepia toned photography.

Simplistic packaging design
Simplify your design. Package designs with clean typography, which is the essence of utilitarian, ensure a product can be clearly identified on a shelf. Utilitarian designs can stick out as well as bold, bright colours.

Non-traditional sizes
Offer unique print experiences. Create excitement and impact with non-traditional sizes of printed materials. Unorthodox dimensions or unexpected folds can offer consumers an impressionable experience of your brand.

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